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25. August 2019 at 17:31 #46836

For others who want to use their pi 4 for more then just max2play at the same time and who do need root access for Winscp and the likes. You can enable root access with „sudo passwd root“ to assign a password to the root user and using „sudo nano /etc/ssh/sshd_config“ to uncomment PermitRootLogin and set it to „yes“. After this restart sshd with „service sshd restart“. I found most of this information here

I am by no means an linux expert, I have to google for basically everything. I want to use my raspberry 4 for max2play but also for mqtt, homeassistant and mip etc. With the pi user password I was able to install mosquitto mqtt but I could not copy config files from my current 3b using winscp because the mosquitto files are root user files.
If anybody knows another way to use winscp to edit/overwrite root user files as the pi user I would love to hear it. Setting shell to „sudo su -“ did not work.

To be clear, the above degrades security for internet connected devices because, probably among others, it opens up the pi to brute password attacks.

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