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29. Juli 2019 at 13:52 #46519

Good Afternoon All

Beta version of Max2play has been running for a few weeks on my RPi 4 and with some minor hiccups it has been a very positive experience . The Rpi 4 is the computer card we have all been waiting for . It has the speed and memory it really needed to run the LMS server at the speeds and response times we would all wish for. It is possible that Heiner will be able to get some more out of the RPi 4 when he has the chance to work with it for a while but I am more than content with what I have now . Sound is really great , the server is rock solid and response times with Touch Screen players , Apps and controls from a PC are all very precise and instantly responded too .

Only real issue I had (which is nothing to do with Max2play) was that the CPU on the RPi 4 was running very hot . In original form when using the RPi 4 as an LMS server only it was around 70 – 72 when idling and given that at 80 the RPi 4 CPU will start to throttle back that is not much head room. This is a known issue of the Pi 4 and the makers have issued a firmware update to address the issue . Using Putty you can SSH in to your Pi 4 and put in the following lines

sudo apt-get update

sudo apt-get dist-upgrade

This will change your Pi to the latest firmware and any other updates that are current . Result after this was that the temperature dropped to around 60 – 64 which is good but for me still a little too close to the top limit . I purchased a Flirc Case for Raspberry Pi 4 and this arrived today . Very nice case which looks sleek main body is made of an aluminium casting and also nice and simple to put together you stick a patch of heat paste to the CPU case and this is attached to a rectangular post cast in the case. Put the plastic case bottom over the SD card input and just drop the whole pie in the case , four screws keep it very firmly attached .

Then did a reboot of Max2play and started LMS server and started the music playing , which it istill doing now as I type this . A check of the temperature shows a nice cool 41 which stays steady even with three players all playing in different rooms . This means my RPi 4 will stay working well within its specifications and there should be no issues . Would recommend this case as being a very effective passive solution to the heat problems .