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15. Juli 2019 at 22:30 #46325

Hi Heiner,
I think I figured out where it goes wrong for me. I tried installing the image again from scratch but this time I wrote down what I did as I went along.
Turns out that enabling lirc support seems to be the cause. After enabling lirc on the rasberry settings page and rebooting the audioplayer does not start and the jack is selected in the advanced settings. Disable lirc and reboot and the hifiberry is back.
Below my shorthand notes of what I did.

– Burn Image
– First startup
– On first webpage load select hifiberry
– Select digi/digi+ and save
– Reboot
– Select audioplayer advanced, hifiberry is selected
– reboot
– check – ok
– activate license
– install squeezebox 7.9 nightly
– install raspberry pi touch display plugin
– select 7″ touchdisplay and start install. During this the following is displayed
W: –force-yes is deprecated, use one of the options starting with –allow instead.
E: Unable to locate package tslib
– reboot
– check – ok
– select rotate display and hide mouse pointer – save
– reboot
– check – ok
– start jivelite and check autostart and autohide
– add -v to audioplayer setting
– map network drive
– reboot
– disable bt/wifi and enable lirc
– reboot
– check – error, jack is selected

– disable lirc – save – reboot, hifiberry is back