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10. Juli 2019 at 11:08 #46250

Hi Heiner,
This is a follow up on my „No Hifiberry digi+ card after upgrade to Buster“ post.
So yesterday evening I installed this beta package on a clean SD card and ran it on my 3B+ with the Hifiberry Digi+ board.
It installed just fine and everything seemed to be ok and I’m pretty sure (but not 100%) I saw the digi+ was detected by Squeezelite.
At that moment I could not test the audio output as „the boss“ was using the receiver 😉
This morning I thought I would do a quick test. Unfortunately now Squeezelite had a status of not started again and the soundcard was on jack again. The PI was not turned off during the night btw.
I selected none in the Hifiberry interface and restarted, now Squeezelite was auto started but with one of the bcm2815 settings again.
Selected the Digi+ in hifiberry interface and restarted, again the jack output was selected and no hifiberry choices availablein the list.
When I re-installed my Stretch SD card the Digi+ was again detected and working.
Maybe its just me, but I feel something is not 100% for the 3B+ with this image or rather Buster as an upgrade from Stretch to Buster resulted in the same problem for me.

Is there anybody out there with an older Pi and a HifiBerry board running Buster successfully???