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9. Juni 2019 at 10:16 #45640

As good as Pihole is, MAX2PLAY is a media platform and I think we need to restrain from having all these other non-media related addons/plugins/extras added into it as it only causes bloat and more work for devs. As time is limited for everyone, that means that time would be taken away from some other task/bug fix that actually effects the media portion of M2P. As mentioned above, if you want Pihole (Let’s face it, it’s not something a lot of people will know how to setup even if it were a click to enable plugin) you can install it yourself as you have full access to your entire system.
The other alternative is Pi’s are cheap, you can run it on a second Pi so as not to slow down any media related functions that might possibly introduce jitter in the M2P distribution.