Reply To: Problems setting up Just boom Rotary encoder IR and Equaliser

24. Mai 2019 at 18:21 #45484

Ok so I’d like to get this correct.

1.I need to choose either hardware control or IR. Which is fine, I can handle that.
2.I can’t use hardware control if I want to use the equaliser.
3.If I use the equaliser I am not taking advantage of the soundcards onboard DAC or something similar as the pi is doing it via software.

I was sure that when I tested my hifiberry cards I was able to use the equaliser. Am I wrong?

Is there any other way of changing the bass and treble. With the speakers I’m using I get a very thin sound from the default settings on the just boom amp. I have the same speakers in my kitchen but am using a seperate amp with an old squeezebox touch and they are capable of much better sound than this.

Ideally I’d like to use the hardware rotary knob and a bit more bass. Is that at all possible.