Reply To: Problems setting up Just boom Rotary encoder IR and Equaliser

24. Mai 2019 at 11:55 #45481

Hi nickgosling,

For now, the graphic equalizer only works when using plugequal in the sound card options of squeezelite. It is based on an internal mixer (software). Do not use the equalizer for high-quality music, as it works with a lower resolution than the sound card.
If you still want to use it, have you tried leaving the command line option empty? Have you tried to enable the „Disable Built-In Audio“
checkbox on the Raspberry Settings page?

Please note that the equalizer currently does not work with Hardware Control.

When using the U5 area of the JustBoom card for the play/pause button and the IR receiver, the two get in each others way.
Please use only one of them. Otherwise, in addition to the signals of the rotary encoder completely diffuse signals from the IR receiver enter the System.