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5. Mai 2019 at 20:22 #45264


Brand new HiFiBerry DAC+ bundle.
I hope to stream bluetooth from phone to squeezebox server for home distribution.

Version 2.48 – Raspberry PI 3

I cannot get my phone paired properly.

My process;

1. Install Bluetooth.
2. Scan for devices.
3. Connect to iPhone
4. Phone says connected to max2play
5. Max2Play (yellow box says waiting for bluetoothd…)
6. Hangs indefinitely. Never turns green.


If you connected a Smartphone to stream to Squeezebox Server, NO further setting to your soundcard is needed (do NOT set your soundcard to bluealsa)!
Device 50:BC:96:A0:E3:03 Brian’s iPhone
trust 50:BC:96:A0:E3:03
Changing 50:BC:96:A0:E3:03 trust succeeded
pair 50:BC:96:A0:E3:03
Attempting to pair with 50:BC:96:A0:E3:03
Failed to pair: org.bluez.Error.AlreadyExists
connect 50:BC:96:A0:E3:03
Attempting to connect to 50:BC:96:A0:E3:03
Connection successful
Waiting to connect to bluetoothd…

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