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3. Mai 2019 at 19:16 #45254

Apologies, I neglected to answer your question above. I am not using an external sound card. I am using the audio subsystem on the RPi. A run an audio cable out of the speaker jack on the RPi to the input of my stereo amp.
I initially used the default settings for MPD. When I ran into the audio issue I kept audio output type as ‚alsa‘ and changed device from hw:0 to sw:0, which did not help. I’ve compiled and installed MPD on other Linux distros and have some experience dealing with the nuances of MPD. I also tried the other setting listed (I don’t recall ATM what they are). Nothing seemed to work. I restarted the system each time.
What surprised me is that this functionality is fundamental and it is being delivered to a specific target platform…everything about the environment and hardware is a known entity. For this fundamental operation not to work ‚out of the box‘ is disturbing.