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28. März 2019 at 20:43 #44917

Hello Heiner,

Great progress! I can now stream from my Samsung S7 to the squeezebox server. However, output from the Pi3 goes to HDMI, instead of through the AMP2 to my external speakers. If I play songs on my USB drive on the Pi3, it plays through the external speakers, but the bluetooth output goes to HDMI. My audioplayer advanced settings are:

ALSA Parameter 80:4::

Command Line Options -o hw:1 -V Digital -C 5

Sound Card sysdefault – snd_rpi_hifiberry_dacplus,- Default Audio Device, CARD=sndrpihifiberry

The „set audio output on the raspberry Pi“ is set to „Default (use HDMI if plugged)“

I know I’ve seen additional guidance in the forum for correcting this but I am currently unable to find it.

All help is appreciated.

Update: I found the „Disable built-in audio“ on the Raspberry Pi page. Once I selected that and re-booted, I was able to stream bluetooth to my external speakers! Awesome! I also found that I needed to increase the volume setting on my Squeezer app on my phone to allow my music player app (Rocket Player) to control volume.



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