Reply To: Max2Play v.2.48 – coming soon? :)

4. März 2019 at 13:57 #44639

Hello Heiner,
sorry for my english :-). I think a good display is the waveshare 5″. For the version a and b are some manuel for the pcp available. I would prefer the version b so the gpio are free for a amp (for example the hifiberry mini amp :-)).


I am not able to get the display running in max2play, but maybe it is possible for you.
Do you have a reccomendation for a passiv speaker for the hifiberry mini amp?
My dream is a small portable player like the Logitech Radio, with a 5″ waveshare Display, a hifiberry mini amp, for the remote i prefer a lirc stick (one is running on my bath radio without any problems). For the miniamp i need some Loudspeaker.
So it would be great if you have a loudspeaker for me.

best regards