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18. Februar 2019 at 9:09 #44487

Hi Josh

Your boot up file (Dmesg file looks ok) you do however have a hang on boot (just a delay):
[ 4.297395] random: crng init done
[ 4.297411] random: 7 urandom warning(s) missed due to ratelimiting

this can be avoided by installing:

sudo apt update
sudo apt install haveged
sudo systemctl enable haveged

If you want!!!

You should also expand your SD card if you haven’t already done so (to avoid future hang ups)

You do so in the settings/reboot tab click on „expand filesystem“ then Reboot

The following settings are important for your device to work as intented:

Audioplayer tab
turn off Squeezelite
turn off Shairport

Bluetooth tab
Sound Device: Alsa – hw:0.1 HDMI (because you are using the 3,5mm jack wich needs the Alsa – hw:0.0 driver to run)
(if you have set it to hw:0.0 unload bluetooth speaker change the setting and click save)

Multisqueeze tab
Your cards readout said that card 0 was the Alsa driver and card 1 was the USB DAC (this is the normal standard so nothing was changed here)

Set the instances according to that

Instance 0 : sound card: default bcm2835 ALSA……..card = ALSA (your 3,5mmm jack)
Instance 1 : sound card: default – USB AUDIO DAC, or front – USB Audio DAC
Instance 2 : sound card: Your Bluetooth Device (if you have a bluetooth audio speaker)

Set Audio Output on Raspberry PI: Force Headphone Jack

Let me know if this did anything !!


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