Reply To: Allo Plugin Premium?

12. Februar 2019 at 12:31 #44439

thanks for all your help. My DAC is back and running. I probably messed up stuff while working temporarly without a license. Now I’ve re-licensed for the next two years and was able to get everything back running without afresh install.
I hesitated to go this route, not becausue the max2play setup is so complicated, but because copying 50GB of Music to the SD card after a fresh install takes so much time!
Do you think it’s possible to support a multi-partition setup (separting media from system) out of the box?
I mean to make it easier to do a full reset to your defaults without deleting everything on disk.

This time I performed it manually (mounting your image, copying system as well as boot partition on file system level onto my existing SD with everything removed but media data, and fixing the boot-loader afterwards), but it was cumbersome (but still faster than copying 50GB of data).

Can you image supporting something like a „back to start“ or „update to vanilla“ functionality without wiping the SDcard completely?