Reply To: How to remove functions from the Jivelite screens?

5. Februar 2019 at 1:18 #44348

Well, I will try a bit more specific

login to your Logitech media server (LMS) in your web-browser. On the front page to the left you see the same menus as you see on your lcd (with Jivelight) on the right side you find LMSs web-player.

On the bottom right click were it says settings!

A new webpage open with a lot of settings.

On the top just below the „Logitech Media Server“ you will find 8 taps… the first is already open.

Slik on the second tap it should be called something like player/players

Just below the name of the second tap, you will find scroll down buttons
The first scroll button should show the name of your player (check with your lcd touchscreen on top on the first page)

On the second scroll button click on it and find were it says Menus!!

See if you can find a line with Kodi or XMBC in there and unmark the mark in front of it.


If you can’t find anything with the name Kodi in there stay on the web side!!

Click on tab number 6 (should be called something like extensions)
The first extensions / plug-ins are all marked see if you can find something there called Kodi or XMBC and unmark it.

Ps you can unmark all extensions and still have a functional player

Let me know if that worked !