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3. Februar 2019 at 18:33 #44328


I’m running Max2Play Version 2.47 on Raspberry PI 3 with HiFiBerry AMP 2.
Only Spotify connect pluggin is running there.
Issue is very similar – Spotify connect service is running but after 6, till 24 hours (don’t know presicley), Max2Play spofity service is not listed on spofity app on phone. Only way to fix that is to restart the service.
I have this issue for some time (more than month).
Spotify connect was reinstalled – didn’t helped.

As a workaround I’d like to restart this service every 4-8 hours, or on some defined hours (10pm, 5am). Is that possible?

Below debug from plugin:

#### Librespot Output ####
INFO:librespot: librespot 431be9e (2018-05-18). Built on 2018-05-30. Build ID: YlMJ8i49
INFO:librespot_core::session: Connecting to AP ""
INFO:librespot_core::session: Authenticated as "user" !
DEBUG:librespot_core::session: new Session[0]
DEBUG:librespot_connect::spirc: new Spirc[0]
DEBUG:librespot_core::mercury: new MercuryManager
DEBUG:librespot_playback::player: new Player[0]
INFO:librespot_playback::audio_backend::alsa: Using alsa sink
DEBUG:librespot_connect::spirc: input volume:52428 to mixer: 16464
DEBUG:librespot_core::session: Session[0] strong=3 weak=2
INFO:librespot_core::session: Country: "PL"
DEBUG:librespot_core::mercury: unknown subscription uri=hm://remote/3/user/user/57d16b810c182ccea6639ef961c2c474d639a041
DEBUG:librespot_core::mercury: subscribed uri=hm://remote/3/user/user/ count=0
DEBUG:librespot_connect::spirc: kMessageTypeNotify "Salon" 57d16b810c182ccea6639ef961c2c474d639a041 872833506 1549208542993

#### Librespot Command Line Options ####
error: Required option 'name' missing
Usage: /opt/spotifyconnect/librespot [options]

    -c, --cache CACHE   Path to a directory where files will be cached.
                        Disable caching of the audio data.
    -n, --name NAME     Device name
        --device-type DEVICE_TYPE
                        Displayed device type
    -b, --bitrate BITRATE
                        Bitrate (96, 160 or 320). Defaults to 160
        --onevent PROGRAM
                        Run PROGRAM when playback is about to begin.
    -v, --verbose       Enable verbose output
    -u, --username USERNAME
                        Username to sign in with
    -p, --password PASSWORD
        --proxy PROXY   HTTP proxy to use when connecting
                        Disable discovery mode
        --backend BACKEND
                        Audio backend to use. Use '?' to list options
        --device DEVICE Audio device to use. Use '?' to list options if using
        --mixer MIXER   Mixer to use
        --initial-volume VOLUME
                        Initial volume in %, once connected (must be from 0 to
        --zeroconf-port ZEROCONF_PORT
                        The port the internal server advertised over zeroconf
                        Play all tracks at the same volume
        --normalisation-pregain PREGAIN
                        Pregain (dB) applied by volume normalisation
                        increase volume linear instead of logarithmic.