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1. Februar 2019 at 19:09 #44315

Hi Heiner,
The issue that I am having is that my squeezelite player called ‚mainroom‘ is not working. It uses the default auxillary 3.5mm output jack however there is no output coming out of it. This happened previously, and was working again after a complete reinstall/new image. Around 5 days after the new image, however, it stopped working again and has not been working ever since. I am reluctant to install a new image again as if this is a consistent issue it will become impractical.
The performance in the Health Checker is normally less than 0.65 and the power supply is a proper 3A raspberry pi power supply. If power was an issue, I would have thought that the USB soundcard would not be working instead.

My other squeezelite player ‚desk‘ which runs of a USB sound card works as intended.


Health Checker
Internet: Connected
CPU Load: 0.60
SD Card Usage: 14%
Temp CPU: 51.5
Power Supply: OK

Multisqueeze Configuration

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