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23. Januar 2019 at 15:11 #44088

Hello Heiner,

thank you for the input, I have actually watched this video. It does not explain how to setup the DAC hardware in MPD. I do not have an issue with MPD itself it just does not produce any audio output on my Justboom DAC. For Spotify connect there is also no tutorial on how to use it with the starter setup. I need screenshots that show exactly what needs to be filled in the hardware/driver settings and I need a fix for the error message that the Spotify connect plugin produces.

I also was not aware that you recommend Squeezbox for simple setups. The Max2Play default for starters is MPD. I have never used Squeezbox and I do not need a multiroom setup, I just want a Spotify device that I can hook to my main stereo. Are your saying that I should not use MPD to achieve that, because it is not supported?