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23. Januar 2019 at 13:16 #44069

Hi there! I really appreciate your offer, but spending days (!) to get some music out of a „simple“ system is not what I wanted. It’s not that I am a total noob when it comes to using Linux based systems, but I am simply not in a maker/developer mood when I just want to *use* systems that claim to be user friendly. I also have a Google Chromecast Audio. It took me 3 minutes make it play my Spotify playlist, but I did not like the small TRS output and I wanted to try out how different DACs perform.

I prefer to wait until a step by step tutorial for my (supported) hardware combination is available or until there is a new relase that simply works by default (which seems to be an almost blasphemous expectation). If I have time to spend I will not spend it on permutating hundreds of menu settings in a front end like max2play but I will set it up from scratch based on available Raspian tutorials.