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14. Januar 2019 at 21:00 #43634

Thank you, Heiner,
for your answer. You encouraged me to try it again, but I still don’t quite get it.

I want to stream audio from an android device via Bluetooth to the Raspi audio card (HifiBerry) and get it to the rca jacks/amplifier, not connect a bluetooth speaker.
1. I install Bluetooth (successful).
2. I connect my device via bluetooth – android phone says: connected to Max2Play as „Media-Audio“.
3. I run „Bluetooth Speaker“ from the Bluetooth page (auto run) because it seems to be necessary.
4. I run music with my „Play Music“ app on the phone and set output to bluetooth (if I uncheck, I hear the music playing on my phone)
5. There are different places in M2P where you can set audio devices. I don’t change „ALSA – hw:0:0 – Mixer“ on the Bluetooth page, I don’t change „Standard (use HDMI if plugged)“ (or the like) for the RPI audio output on the Players page, but I change „default – snd_rpi_hifiberry…“ into „bluetooth – Your Bluetooth device…“ (with the MAC address of my smartphone following in the name) in Squeezelite > Extended Options on the Players page. This option sounds strange to me, because I don’t want to send sound to that device, but get it from there. BTW there is no „-B“ parameter set in the extended Squeezelite options (it’s „-C 5“), but only older material says it would be necessary (and you haven’t set it in the video neither).
6. No sound. I even stop Squeezelite Player so that the sound card is not blocked (as the warning says), but nothing changes. In my opinion, it can’t either, because there must be some player to play the streamed audio.

You say, I’ve got to change the output for both players – if you mean Shairport as the second, I haven’t changed it because it isn’t running. I was running only one, and that one is now stopped…

Btw, Squeezelite player doesn’t want to be started manually as long as the Squeezelite option „Bluetooth“ soundcard is set.

Unfortunately, I’m someone who can be very complicated if he doesn’t understand what he’s doing.

I’m glad, Squeezelite still works fine after all those trials.

I would really appreciate another hint, as I’m quite confused by all that different sorts of help channels (and even don’t remember where I found a howto some days ago).