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14. Januar 2019 at 20:58 #43633


I’ve gone through all the instructions and completed all the steps to use the Bluetooth addon. It works with the onboard Bluetooth in my Pi, but then stops. After doing some reading, I see the problem is that the onboard Bluetooth isn’t stable for streaming. The solution seems to be that I should use a USB Bluetooth dongle, so I ordered one that works on the Raspberry Pi and have installed it. Now for the stupid question of the day. How do I tell M2P to use the external/dongle Bluetooth vs the internal/onboard Bluetooth? Should I disable the internal one? Is there some way to select the external one in settings? I’m using the Stream to Squeezebox Server option.

I’ve found many post about adding USB Bluetooth to a Pi, but they are mostly for Jesse and I’m now using Stretch, which as a different implementation of Bluetooth. In the end, I couldn’t find anything specific on how to select which Bluetooth I want to use.

Thanks for any help!