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13. Januar 2019 at 22:27 #43564

OK, found the point. Didn’t pay attention to that sentence: (Install stream to squeezebox server) „Dies funktioniert nur, wenn der Squeezebox Server auf diesem Gerät läuft!“ (‚only works if Squeezebox server ist running on this device‘) Doesn’t in my setting.

So then no wonder it doesn’t work.

But I still don’t understand why there is no streaming to the Raspi audio card.

The smartphone is paired:

 If you connected Bluetooth Speakers, make sure to set the soundcard of your audioplayers to bluetooth as audio output! You need to restart your Audioplayer if the Bluetooth Device changed.
If you connected a Smartphone to stream to Squeezebox Server, NO further setting to your soundcard is needed (do NOT set your soundcard to bluealsa)!
Device C4:86:E9:05:E9:B6 HUAWEI P9 lite
trust C4:86:E9:05:E9:B6
Changing C4:86:E9:05:E9:B6 trust succeeded
pair C4:86:E9:05:E9:B6
Attempting to pair with C4:86:E9:05:E9:B6
Failed to pair: org.bluez.Error.AlreadyExists
connect C4:86:E9:05:E9:B6
Attempting to connect to C4:86:E9:05:E9:B6
Device C4:86:E9:05:E9:B6 Connected: yes
Connection successful
Name: HUAWEI P9 lite
Address: C4:86:E9:05:E9:B6
Icon: phone
Class: 0x5a020c
Paired: 1
Connected: 1 

Streaming to Raspi audio card is activated with:

Status: Bluetooth-Speaker läuft aktuell unter der ProzessID 16168
Autostart Bluetooth Speaker: Yes
Sound Device: ALSA - hw:0:0 - Mixer

The other two sound devices don’t work either.