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11. Januar 2019 at 14:51 #43504

Hi Heiner,

thank you for your quick answer. The UPNP functionality ist great – but it does not compare with the airplay capability. Many Apps that I use do not have built in casting-functionality and i often start watching netflix oder youtube on my phone / tablet and then decide to output this audio-signal to a bluetooth headset or bluetooth speakers. It would be great to stream the audio-output to the m2p appliances in my rooms „on-the-fly“. I am aware that this is a first-world-problem and a great deal of lazyness involved – but it bothers me that my android devices lack the feature compared to the apple-devices of my wife 🙂

Is it possible to enable multiple bluetooth to LMS bridges on different devices? I think i read, that only the LMS-Appliance can use the BT2LMS Bridge and that i cannot have multiple LMS instances in my network, is this correct? Or is there a way to put a BT-Dongle in all 7 PIs and name the bluetooth-item in my LMS-favorite list according to the room it is located? That way i could connect to the room I am in via bluetooth and sync the audio in the rooms i want.

Regarding my side-question: Sorry – it was written all over the place but I just didnt see it.

Thx for your time and effort
best regards