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7. Dezember 2018 at 13:36 #42604

Not 100% sure about stretch. I’m not sure whether you would wish to operate DRC as an LMS plugin or as a gernal plugin for the Max2play distro. (as with Spotify which IIRC can be either). Either case I suspect that you may wish to make sure that the hardware has the power to run it.
I originally came to this becasue I had used a semi-defunct plugin for lMS called inguz. It seems to have been revised somewhat. It seem to be possible to get it to work but it would be much more useful for ordinary users if it could be combined into an easy package in M2P

Similarly some people seem to be able to get the Brutefir plugin to work, but I found it very fiddly.
For brutefir outside of LMS does this help?

I don’t know whether it may be possible, when usings a room correction filter generated elsewhere, to simpkly apply the filter using SoX.

I’m not familar with any other implementations for linux but hope other can chip in if they know of any others.