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6. Dezember 2018 at 10:32 #42571

Many thanks for your feedback.

Well, not sure I understand your answer :-). When visiting your link, it doesn’t really speak of Google Assistant/Home. This is more related to use devices for home announcements .

What is really missing now for Squeezebox/LMS is a easy integration with Google Assistant/Google Home or with Amazon Alexa. There are a couple of specifics projects going on, but they are all very complex to put in place, specifically for someone like me that is not that technical!

The magic and what I really appreciate with Max2Play is the easy installation of complex stuff into a very clear interface. This is the reason why you might consider to investigate a potential integration of what is being discussed here:

Food for thoughts 🙂



BTW – out of topic – small comment on your website – the language selection on the German version: English is misspelt 😉