Reply To: Stream YouTube via Android

30. November 2018 at 19:16 #42460

Hello dear Max2Play team,
I know the thread is older than one year, but I think the topic is suitable and therefore I do not need to open a new thread.

I own a Raspberry 3 in conjunction with HifiBerry Amp + for about two years. As operating system I use M2P. So far
I got along with the whole usage and the configuration well.
Playing music over the LMS works very good. However, I have the problem that I can not play Youtube sound through a player.
According to the information in this forum thread, this should be done via DLNA or
Airplay be possible. I’m desperate because I just can not connect it this way. I watched all sorts of M2P videos, read tutorial,
tried a new image and also various DLNA programs (BubbleUpnp,
Allcast, Allconnect).
My wish was to watch a video on the mobile in Youtube app or in the browser and then stream the audio to the media-zone by using the share feature. For example, if an audiobook from Youtube is heard, the video isn’t needed. Can you help me with this?