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26. November 2018 at 10:09 #42228

Seems like i have been too enthusiastic here…

After switching on today, no sound. Tried to save the beovox-profile again, no sound.
Volume adjusted, saved, no sound.
Haven’t changed anything before, it only has been switched off for two days, now it doesn’t work anymore.

Via PC i can listen to the webradio without problems. So internet-connection should not be the problem.

Trying to reinstall the beocreate-card now, but i only get connection timeouts since 10mins after clicking on SAVE behind the Beocreate-entry in the hifiberry-menu. No updating messages in that yellow box like normally.
Will let it work some more, maybe it can finish it anyhow.

What is bad either:
You can’t see what Profile is installed, it always shows the basic-fullrange when entering the hifiberry-menu, even after saving the beovox?
And the volume-control shows 0 most of the time, even after refreshing and saving it to another value?
Sometimes it shows what it has been saved to, but most times not. Somehow inconsistant?