Reply To: M2P & HiFiBerry DAC+ support for Airplay???

21. September 2018 at 14:12 #38000

Hi again,

I did a scratch install on this player 2 days ago, so I’m pretty sure I’m running the fixed version. In any case, I don’t get an error when I select settings on ShareTunes (fork). Here are the settings:

Helper binary <shareport_helper-armv6hf> (restarting LMS recommended if changed) <republish> <wipe>
Enable logging <none> /var/log/squeezeboxserver/shairtunes2-[mac].log
Buffer level (KB) <32>
RTP and HTTP buffering (ms) RTP latency <1000> HTTP latency <2000>
Let timing references drift
Encoding parameters <wave>
Change volume of sync’d players
Allow all Squeezelite-based Players

Shop b8:27:eb:14:b2:4c
kitchen b8:27:eb:86:80:4a
upstairs b8:27:eb:fe:fe:5c
Livingroom b8:27:eb:41:1f:f1

Any other ideas? I’m really grateful!

Thank you,