Reply To: DIsable accesspoint fallback mode

25. August 2018 at 19:48 #37281

Hi Heiner,
I don’t hve any other pi3 but i’ve a Pi2.

I’ve connected to the Pi2 an old wifi dongle with Realtek chip RTL8192CU (should be) and I hav the same problem.
I’ve also tried to download the new Debian Stretch Max2Play image but the wifi dongkle is not recognized correctly any more probably due to the end of support from Debian.

Is it possible to know the watchdog that start the dhcpd daemon that release the dynamic ip’s?
I’m going to extend the wifi coverage to avoid the „isolation of the max2play“ that trigger the dhcp release to the other wifi stuff but in the meanwhile I’d like to have a workaround…

Thank you in advance
Kind regards