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19. August 2018 at 20:54 #36999

Hi All – I’ve been playing around with Max2Play for a few days after getting the premium license. It took a few tweaks to get it set up how I want, but I’m still having an issue with bluetooth. I looked in this thread, and couldn’t find anything like this issue so excuse me if has already been answered before. As background, Here’s my set up:

RPi 2 B+ with HiFiBerry DAC+
installed and updated Max2Play

I want to use the RPi for playing music from a bluetooth device, spotify connect and Airplay (a bonus to have). I set up SBS and squeezelite and am using that for bluetooth and spotify connect. Everything works great with spotify connect via the spotty plugin. I’m using the Shairpoint audio player and have the IP set for automatic switch, this works great.

The only way I can get bluetooth to work is if I manually hit the Play button in SBS. My device is connected, and works great once I hit play, but I’d like to be able to listen once the device starts streaming and be able to switch between spotify and bluetooth without needing to hit play in SBS.

I think this has something to do with the MAC address option, I initially had it set to the MAC address shown as the one for this machine. It’s b8:27:eb:db:a9:fb, still had to hit play in SBS. Then I looked up the RPi MAC address using the command prop and it’s: 86-16-f9-db-a9-fb

I tried that too, same result.

Any ideas on how to get this set up so I can be „hands off“?

Why does one address have colons and the other dashes? The addresses are similar but not the same. I’m not an IT guy, but can follow directions if pointed in the right direction.

Thanks and Enjoy the music!