Reply To: Issue connecting to Wi-Fi

10. Juli 2018 at 18:58 #36519

Hi Heiner,

I appreciate your response, as I am also on holiday as I type this message – so no problem :-)!

Having found a simpler solution to the problem was helpful. However, I would still like to access and utilise the M2P option, and evaluate the wide range of tweaks and adjustments that are available, if I could get the wireless connectivity problem solved with M2P.

Besides, having a year’s subscription to M2P, I really would like to know how the IP can be the problem when, M2P worked perfectly at first installation with no connectivity problems.

I do also realise that the problem could also be due to ‚pilot error‘ – or an oversight on my behalf!
Either way, I will learn something from the experience.

Kind regards,