Reply To: Issue connecting to Wi-Fi

3. Juli 2018 at 15:56 #36444

Update on wireless issues with Max2Play.

Today I tried something different, and installed XXXXaudio onto my spare microsd card! I have intentionally omitted the player name to avoid any issues. The disappointing part of this exercise is that I did not pay a cent for the player – it was freeware!!!!!!

As I type this message, the Pi3+Dac-Pro are singing beautifully through my stereo system. Both Lan and WAN were scanned and locked in. USB mount was almost automatic and in less than 1/10th of the time it took to solve the issue with M2P! My initial start up time was just as fast.

While I liked the M2P it just did not work for me! Hopefully, the wireless issues will be sorted out and I can use the player for the time I have access to the registered software.

Thank you.