Reply To: Cant see max2play

2. Juli 2018 at 12:51 #36437

Hi Heiner
Well your suggestion is giving me better results than before.
The first time I did this it worked..

Sadley, the wifi connection between the M2P and the phone is constantly dropping out (loosing connection).
I could’nt find this problem on the forum so I made a clean image and same thing happened again, it just keeps dropping out.

From memory over a year ago, this is what used to happen to me before, well after I updated my image one day so I just gave up on the idea. But I really really would like a standalone system in three different locations, so I need to get this working but not sure what else to do. Have you experianced this Heiner or know what I might be. And I’m using squeezer. Thanks again (ps I’m sure it will work via a router, but I’m trying to avoid this)