Reply To: Issue connecting to Wi-Fi

30. Juni 2018 at 5:32 #36414

Response to your suggestions:

Please follow these steps:

Make sure your Max2Play device is connected to the internet.

When Max2Play is connected to the internet wirelessly, and is being broadcast to my ipad, iphone and macbook pro. All three devices are able to connect to Max2Play, however, none are able to access the GUI or connect using
…Could not open page as server could not be found.
But when I connect the ethernet cable all three device connect immediately – only the iphone 4s is unable to access max2play interface.

Delete the license in the Max2Play interface and click „save“ with a blank field.
Click on „Settings/Reboot“ again, reenter your license and click „save“.

On accessing the interface – the license was blank so I entered details and was provided access.

Check if the green „Activated“ field appears. If not, contact us again for further help

The ‚activate‘ field appears.

Currently configuring m2p.