Reply To: Issue connecting to Wi-Fi

29. Juni 2018 at 9:53 #36405

Hi Heiner,

Update on progress:

I tried again last night before receiving your response, and still using the Ethernet cable connection I managed to connect my ipad3 to the pi!

Has the M2P website been down?

The reason I ask is because late last night, after completely shutting down the pi, connecting to a monitor and rebooting the pi started to the M2P screen saver as expected. However, I shut down the pi and unplugged hdmi. Then I rebooted the pi, and the ipad!

This time the pi started up normally and m2p was picked up in the ipad wireless scan and connected successfully!
This was as simple as my first experience with M2P!!No hiccups and pretty straightforward.
The m2p gui started, then changed from not registered to registered and an update alert was shown which I loaded, and completed successfully.
Thereafter the plugins were loaded and updated as necessary, so has the Logitech Media Server, Squeezebox etc.

The players are loading, but the music on the external usb drive that is connected to the pi has not being coming up in the media list. Although the share is shown as setup…reflecting on my actions, I think I might have overlooked adding max2play as a share …. I will try and fix that before moving to a wireless setup.
Thanks for the prompt support suggestions.
I will keep you updated.

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