Reply To: Issue connecting to Wi-Fi

26. Juni 2018 at 4:04 #36366

Hi Heiner,

Thanks for the reply. Yes, my router has WPS on it has always been on. WPS was on during my first connection of pi3-Dac when it worked, until I corrupted my sd card due to incorrect power down and reboot.

The wireless issue only started after I etched a new sd card, and ran the update and upgrade sudo commands on the new sd card.

At first installation of M2P, I used the GUI to enter SSID and password. When I removed the wired connection and connected the pi to my stereo system, it worked well and I was impressed with my purchase of the pi+Dac-pro and M2P!!

An update:

Last night I ran some sudo commands (forgive me I am unable to recall the specific commands as I am at work), which scanned for wireless networks and successfully recognised my SSID. I then edited the SSID and my password into a file using a terminal window. The result did indicate that the pi was connected to the network, however, when I connected the pi to a monitor with usb keyboard and mouse, the Internet cannot be accessed.

I also used my iphone and the „Fing“ app to scan my network and ping the pi, which also showed no connectivity to the network.