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16. Juni 2018 at 17:46 #36212

Solved, well kind of;;;
Hi anyone who might have been following this…

Make sure your Kode app is’nt running..
Then fire up your m2p.
In your Android go to control/wifi and find your m2p accesspoint signal and choose it.
Another screen (m2p main page) will pop up. Locate the 2 dots top left and hit them. Choose „use network as is“
No go back to your control/wifi screen and locate your m2p signal.
When you have DONT tap and choose it, hold your finger on it until it comes up with 3 options.
The one you want is Modify this network.
Pick that, when you have, the next screen will ask you for a password, enter it here. This is the password used in your accesspoint setup.

From there go to Kode app. fire it up. If this is a first install follow the instructions. If this is not your first install you need to locate the media server tab at the top of the kode „control“ panel. and delete whatever media player is there and when you have, you then get Kode to search for another media player. It should find the m2p player, your accesspoint and thats it.

Thing is, I just can’t seem to boot up my m2p, then Kodi and it all works without all this messing around.
Yes its very clunkey BUT IT WORKS!!!!, well it does for me.

I hope if anyone else is having issues they can use this and it may help them too.
However, please post any other way of doing it, or ideas which might help me as I’m sure its not supposed to be a clunkey as this.
I have NOT tested it fully, I’ve just been playing about with it in the local supermarket car park. So there may be bugs that have not yet come to the surface,please note…