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15. Juni 2018 at 19:33 #36207

Hi Heiner,
I managed to get back home before your reply and I thought I would try to burn another image (m2p_rpi_default_241_wps_autoexpand) which I downloaded in January/Feb.

I burned the image and started it.
I did’nt expand the file system, nor did I update M2P nor anything else at this stage.

I went to the settings/reboot and looked for the accesspoint on the listings. It was’nt in the list this time but has been on all the other occasions while trying to get this working.

So I loaded and installed AP module.

After the AP was installed it came back with quite a long script, maybe 2-3 times longer than I have been having on previous AP installations.

So I booted it upand it worked as it should….However, after testing it several times and all was ok, I thought I would now put it in the car.
Thats where I noticed it was’nt working again, it just would not connect with my phone like before so I took it back inside and tried again.
Sure enough it started to work again although I disconnected the ethernet cable from the M2P and my M2P was connected to my phone via the accesspoint anyhow.
Would you have any idea whats going on because I can’t see the link between my home network, my phone and M2P thats making this happen.But there is one, How very very odd.

It seems that its somehow going through my home wifi, could this be in part the issue with the ip address it can’t find as its hooked into my network in some weird way ?
hope this is clear.