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15. Juni 2018 at 9:30 #36203

Hi Heiner

I have just had a thought.
Since trying to set up my standalone system using accesspoint and Kodi, all I have done after burning a new image is to load and set up the accesspoint module then go to the Kodi module and set that up to find the music on my hard drive which is connected to my pi.

Thats all…

What I have not done is to mount the hardrive through M2P because Kodi sees the hard drive where my music files are without doing that, so I just thought there was no need to install it. But maybe I have to as it also might also install Samba ?
And if samba is not in stalled I guess I would not see M2P on my network as a drive, which I can’t, and maybe thats why I might not be able to access this using the accesspoint too.

And I’m not near my pi so I can’t try it, so I was hoping you might read this before I get home tonight and let me know if indeed this could be the problem, I just hope it is this that I have overlooked ?