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13. Juni 2018 at 20:58 #36192

Hi Heiner,
Sorry I did realise that I should not have my network cable connected I ment to say I tried both options connected and disconnected, yes I understand that, but thanks for pointing that out.

With iphone and ipads, its not giving me this option this time, but it used to several updates ago. Thing is it might not be doing this because of the fault I’m experiancing. And I dont use my iphone and ipads now, I am using an MOTO G5 which is not giving me that option either. So the problem is common to both.

However What happenes now, to clarify a bit more is when I look for the accesspoint on my Control/wifi screen, I can see it and it is shown as secure, which is great.
I tap it to connect then it says
1. Authenticating
2. then goes to obtaining i/p address and stays there for a while 2-3 mins
3. when it decides it can’t connect, it changes status from obtaining the i/p address to saved

But I did go to my control/developer settings in my android and toggled on Enable wifi verbose logging. Now when I try and hook up to the accesspoint with my android I can see it bit more info and its saying while searching for the ip address „Network selection disabled DHCP failure“. Does this help point to a cure I wonder ?

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