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15. Mai 2018 at 19:49 #35712

Well, again.
Today I repeated from scratch. During all the process of installation none of any USB devices was plugged to rpi at all.
My steps was next:
1. Burning of „m2p_stretch_rpi_245.img“ through Win32DiskImager to micro SD card.
2. Connection to WiFi Access Point with SSID „max2play“
Configuration through web-interface:
3. Load WiFi interface (indicated my home SSID).
4. Raspberry settings -> Choose Soundcard to load on boot (device tree overlay)-> USB Soundcards (Northsta…)->save
5. Settings/Reboot -> reboot
And again I am getting similar error during every booting after:

I think this is some kind of global issue and will be repeated on the same rpi3B+m2p_2.45?..

p.s. Later I have enebled Jivelite and Squeezebox Server, but nothing changed anyway of course with that error (etc/rc.local Compatibility). After that I have tried apt –fix-broken install and apt-get upgrade\update – no success too

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