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27. April 2018 at 12:56 #35363

Hello Heiner,

The problem was solved stopping the Squeezelite process. I do not know how to have both processes (shairport and Squeezelite) running.

I have another issue. Now I have two RPi with max2play 245, one at home at one at my office:

– Home: Rpi 3 B and hifiberry Digi+ Pro: works perfect. Tested one week without shutting down the RPi and Shairport is always running.
– Office: RPi 3 B+ and hifiberry Dac+Pro: the airplay device dissappears many times a day. The hifiberry dac+ green led is off when shairport dissappears. I usually solve it killing the process and starting it again.

I looks that there are stability problems running above RPi 3 B+ or running above the RPi 3 B+ + hifiberry dac combination.

Is it possible to get any logs in order to debug the problem.

Thanks for your help.

Best regaards,