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23. April 2018 at 10:43 #35264

I’ve a similar problem with the same config. Well, it is not a multi-room, only a simple player with MPD and speakers wired to HifiBerry Amp+.

No Kodi installed – or not visible.

mpd.log shows this :

Apr 23 10:32 : avahi: Service 'Music Player' successfully established.
Apr 23 10:32 : client: [0] opened from
Apr 23 10:32 : alsa_mixer: Failed to read mixer for 'Max2Play ALSA Device': failed to attach to hw:0;0: No such device

mpd.conf contains only one audio_output, which is :

audio_output {
        type    "alsa"
        name    "Max2Play ALSA Device"
        device  "default:CARD=sndrpihifiberry"
        format  "192000:24:2"
        mixer_device    "hw:0;0"
        mixer_control   "PCM"

Using hw:0,0 for mixer_device produces the same result.
I can not change the volume.

Version 2.45, license activated.

Any help will be much appreciated.