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12. April 2018 at 9:42 #35139

Hi Heiner,
I haven’t switched to current strech based 2.45. I’m still running the latest jessie based system (incl. online updates).
Hardware is Rasp-PI3B, 7“Display, Allo BOSS Rev1.1, and the 5V/3A power supply suggested/sold by Allo (and other shops, too).

Currently, I’ve switched to a Rasp-PI2B, as I’m having serious trouble with the I2S link between Rasp-Pi and Allo BOSS [appearing after hours/days of operation > differetn thread]. On this combination now everything runs stable.

The reason for my question about pulseaudio is the following:
Everything executues as described by yourself. The Allo Plugin sets output device for the Jive player directly to the card (no pa) and even sets the hardware mixer (option -V … but to „Digital“ whereas my card comes with „Master“ … but that’s mentioned somewhere and had been easy to fix). According to the webinterface settings, there’a absolutely no pulseaudio involved. But when checking for running processes, there a pa daemon, and it locks the alsa control device of the sournd card.

Is this expected behaviour, an unknown issue, or maybe a leftover from the BT plugin I had installed for testing and uninstalled again? (ended up with a lot of stuttering for BT audio and had no time for further debugging … save some work for later). And if yes, how can I get rid of pulseaudio manually to fix this?