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5. April 2018 at 13:16 #35001

Hi Heiner,

my Allo BOSS is rev 1.1 without USB-C.
I’ve followed the suggested procedure to re-install the Allo card, but no success. It still disappears from the system after some hours of (successful) use/playback. And as observed before, this is happening silently in idle state.

I’m still puzzled about the basic question: Hardware (defect) or software issue?
What’s required to happen to get ALSA forget about a I2S sound card?
And even if there’s an issue on the I2C control link (loose cables, instable voltage supply, I2C clock issue as addressed by this patch, a soft reset/reboot should bring everything back, shouldn’t it?
But it’s required to unplug and perform a cold reboot to get everything back running.

Is there a debug mode for the Allo Boss device driver to get more insight what’s happening?