Reply To: [UPDATE] News raspberry Pi 3 B+

23. März 2018 at 0:56 #34674

Also having Problems after updating to the latest Version of the Stretch-Image (Update from Beta and Clean Installation).
Raspi 3B+ is starting a few times with LAN connected. Changing to WLAN 2.4Ghz seems to work, but after changing to 5GHz Wifi and following reboot the system is broken. No Network found and a PID 723 error message when starting X-Server. After that i cannot connect anymore, also with attached LAN.

The system just worked fine for me with the latest beta of stretch and the Raspi 3B+. Using it with a Hifiberry Amp2 and the 7inch Touchscreen.
Could there be a bug in the final version 2.45 on stretch?

Thanks in advance an greetings