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16. März 2018 at 11:04 #34467

Hi Heiner

I’m really sorry but but I do not understand this step :

„All players (your zero’s, too) connected to the LMS with shairtunes2 on it automatically turn into AirPlay devices.“

1 – how do I connect the PI zero on Shaitunes 2 with LMS?
How will LMS know to use Shairtunes 2 for PI Zero?
2 – I must be installed something on PI zero?
3 – What is the difference between using Shairtune 2 or entering an IP in Shairport advanced settings?

PS: I see Shairtunes in the plugins under LMS but when I activate it does not matter but after restarting the option is unchecked.

I am really sorry for all these questions.

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  • This reply was modified 5 years ago by  medapayne.