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8. März 2018 at 11:52 #34275

Hello Heiner,

I do not know what is the proper version. LMS v.7.9.0 OR Nightly 7.9. I have reflashed the SD card again but the result is the same. Furthermore I don’t know if I can install one version and after the other. I did this before with the same results. I am going to re-flash the SD card twice more, one trying LMS v.7.9 and the other Nightly 7.9

I have experienced the same issues with the wifi. It’s is not working fine. When I start, in AP mode, I can only join to my mobile phone wifi. My wifi connection is not showed after the scan.
After being connected to the phone wifi, I re-scan the networks and my network SSID is showed and I can join it. Clearly there are problems with the built-in wifi adapter and Max2Play.

Best regards

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