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6. März 2018 at 16:48 #34241

The error message yesterday referred to the wrong sound card (I have Allo Digital and the error message referred to ALSA) but I didn’t save the message. I will in the future.
Just now I deactivated the Squeezebox and Audioplayer plugins and moved back the Spotify Connect, and the process is running (no error messages) but there is no sound from our system. This time the Android phone shows that music is playing on the max2play device, so the device itself is remaining stable (not disappearing after a second like it did previously), but no sound. A reboot and a reinstallation of Spotify Connect (and then another Reboot) did not resolve the issue.

Active plugins are just ALLO, Settings/Reboot, WiFi/LAN, Raspberry Settings and Spotify Connect, in that order. I’m running version 2.45 Rasberry Pi 3 and the output device is allo digione.

Yesterday when I was running Squeezebox, Squeezelite and Spotty, the music kept stopping every few minutes and then starting again. The max2play device stayed on the phone, but the music dropped out repeatedly.

Thanks for following up on this issue. We only listen to Spotify on Max2Play, and I’m spending hours trying to troubleshoot.