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9. Februar 2018 at 18:07 #33933

I’m having this problem also. No matter what I try, I can’t get the shared folder to mount. I try with IP, with network share name, I’ve tried various versions of the path, with CIFS with NFS, with the connect string (user=, pw= and so on…) and nothing seems to work.

Internal on my NAS, the path is:

On my network via a browser or any other streaming device, it is:

M2P sees the server and will enter the information, but I keep getting a path error. Other streaming devices on my network (Volumio, moOde) see the server just fine. But for some reason, M2P just won’t connect.

Can someone help?
Ok, so here’s the problem.

M2P was seeing my network name for the NAS, but required its IP. I have the files loading now.

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