Reply To: What Max2Play-Version für Beocreate?

8. Februar 2018 at 22:29 #33925

Hey Ronald,

first: The Beocreate is a masterpiece. No doubt here.

The big PLUS for you over a standard Amp would be: You don’t need the crossover-network anymore. The Beocreate has 4 channels, and you can adjust every single of it via the DSP. So you can drive every single chassis on its own.
The fully digital DSP not only replaces the crossovers, but lets you adjust every single frequency itself to get the very best from your CX100s at all!

I tried with my BS-Beautys from Intertechnik. The delivered crossover is not bad, they sound good and detached at the Beocreate with a fully neutral DSP-profile.
But directly wired to the speakers, without the crossovers but with adjusted DSP-profile, they sound like i could not imagine before…
Every single frequency can be adjusted on it’s own, filters can be added, and so on. So there will not be any weakness that could not be adjusted with the DSP.
Look here:

You can use everything SigmaStudio offers. Nearly unlimitied adjustment-possibilities!
If there already is a ready-adjusted-file for the DSP, so much the better!

So the question is: Are you audiophil? If the answer is YES, then yes, you should go with the Beocreate

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